Leap seconds past and future.

From: Dennis O'Keefe <okeefed_at_newpaltz.edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 17:18:10 -0500

I have an audio tape that I recorded of a prior leap second from the BBC World
Service radio, and they do have seven pips. It's a nice combination of the old
and new, starting with the Westminster Chimes, the pips, and finally the
strike of Big Ben.

I've started "watching" the upcoming leap second by manually recording the
time displayed on a digital clock at 08:00:00 Eastern Standard time each
morning since December 1st. The clock is a Heathkit digital clock that I made
in 1972 that counts the 60 Hz electric power frequency and I'm listening to
WWV for the real time. The results are all over the place and I think the leap
second will be lost in the clutter. I'll post results at the end of January.
I've also arranged to have a friend videotape the display on two of my clocks
during the leap second. I have a Ultralink WWVB clock and a Traconix WWV
Dennis O'Keefe
New Paltz, New York, United States
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