RE: [LEAPSECS] RAS hits the news

From: Hornaday, Tem SPAWAR <tem.hornaday_at_NAVY.MIL>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 13:07:26 -0700

Or, at least, be in error by some modulo 19.6 year value.

Not a major catastrophe, but mitigation could be a major expense for
some GPS users.


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Hornaday, Tem SPAWAR wrote:
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> 3. As has been pointed out, some receivers also implement a clever
> hack to determine date that looks at UTC Leap Second (LS) value, and
> chooses a date based on WN, TOW, and LS. That is, the receiver
> implements a sliding 1024-week window whose limits are determined by
> the current value of LS. Current date "will" then reside within this
> 1024-week window.

So, dropping leap seconds from UTC would cause these receivers to,
eventually, go back 19 years on cold start? Hardly a major catastrophe
but worth noting.
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