Re: [LEAPSECS] vive le BIH!

From: John.Cowan <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 08:30:50 -0400

Steve Allen scripsit:

> Australia's change to UTC is about to happen.

Another point made in the article, that "GMT" is a conventional name
for the U.K.'s LCT, is all too true. Recently I was to take part in a
teleconference scheduled for such and such a time GMT. Since I live on
a small island off the coast of North America, I am in UTC-4 currently,
and I naively interpreted the time as UTC+0, but in fact UTC+1 (BST)
was meant. Oopsie.

> The most curious note is that Dr. Catchpole seems to think the BIH
> still exists. The BIH was vivisected at the end of 1987 so that the
> IERS could be created and assimilate its astronomical portion.

62-year-olds do occasionally make slips of this kind, perhaps particularly
when their professional interests lie in a different part of the field

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