Re: [LEAPSECS] Precise time over time

From: Brian Garrett <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 22:52:05 -0700

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> On Aug 11, 2005, at 7:27 AM, Peter Bunclark wrote:
> > Surely the point about the slaughterhouse is the thought of the
> > throat slasher getting a couple of seconds ahead of the brain stunner.
> That's what I love about this example - it just gets worse and worse
> the more you try to clarify. "I see, little Sally, that you don't
> fully understand what I'm talking about. You see, it is R2D2's job
> to whack the steer over the head with a brain-stunner, and then C3P0
> slashes its throat to let all the blood pour out into the open trench
> that flows throughout the abattoir. Watch your step now... Just
> think how - messy - it would be if the throat slasher went into
> action before the brain stunner! Blood would splatter just
> everywhere! And the brain stunner might then miss entirely due to
> the animals thrashing about in their death throws, which would make
> the subsequent guts eviscerator [presumably "manned" by Pee Wee
> Herman's robot from Star Tours] a real horror show. And as you
> surely now see, little Sally, all of these robotical slaughterhouse
> shenanigans are like totally the fault of those dastardly leap
> seconds..."
> Rob Seaman
> National Optical Astronomy Observatory
OTOH, wouldn't "Robotical Slaughterhouse" be a kick-ass name for a band? :)

Brian Garrett
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