Re: [LEAPSECS] Stupid question from programmer: Why not just eliminate ALL UTC corrections ?

From: John.Cowan <jcowan_at_REUTERSHEALTH.COM>
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 23:25:03 -0400

Scott Moore scripsit:

> Sounds like we are all agreeing that Unix keeps a fixed seconds count
> similar to, if not syned with, TAI, in the idea that it is a fixed
> count, from an epoch, without any variance for leap seconds, hours,
> whatever, that is only useful to humans after its convertion to
> "traditional" time.

Posix time is not a count of seconds, it is not aligned with TAI, and it is not
similar to TAI. TAI is truly a count of SI seconds. Posix time assigns
a numeric label to each SI second, but some consecutive pairs of seconds
are assigned the same label (namely, a leap second and the second before it).

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