Re: [LEAPSECS] Wall Street Journal Article

From: Steve Allen <sla_at_UCOLICK.ORG>
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 00:40:44 -0700

On Sun 2005-07-31T09:19:40 +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp hath writ:
> I don't hear the counter proposal from the astronomers to fix leap
> seconds.

They're not broken.

All the surveys which were taken in the past six years indicate that
the majority of time users believe this to be the case. They also
indicate that there is no consensus about whether there needs to be a
change, let alone about what that change might be.

> Is this discussion really just about astronomers trying to make
> sure this doesn't happen in their lifetime, and if not, why are
> there no counter proposals for a better solution ?

When the Wall Street Journal reporter called them why did the
proponents of abolition either provide the same old and unjustified
explanations or avoid talking altogether? The content of that front
page story was vetted for over two weeks, and the words "secret" and
"secrecy" survived the WSJ editorial process. Why would the
proponents risk such a public result?

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