two media links and an inference

From: Steve Allen <>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:15:20 -0800

In the March newsletter of the American Astronomical Society is
a letter from McCarthy, Fliegel, and Nelson promoting UTC without
leap seconds.

In the March issue of The Compendium, the quarterly journal of
the North American Sundial Society, is a note about leap seconds.

Dare any inferences be drawn from the letter in the AAS newsletter?

McCarthy works at the USNO branch of the IERS which produces the
near-real-time bulletin A. Leap seconds are announced (currently by
Daniel Gambis) by l'Observatoire de Paris branch of the IERS in the
semi-annual bulletin C.

Dare this be taken as an indication that, for those who care about
earth rotation, the USNO believes the contribution of l'OBSPM as seen
in Bulletin C could just as well be replaced by a suitably damped
filtering of the Bulletin A data? And that, for those who do not care
about earth rotation (presumably the majority of the population of the
planet), the USNO believes the role of l'OBSPM for controlling civil
time is irrelevant?

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