the case for created time

From: Rob Seaman <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:27:04 -0700

We have all been so utterly wrong! The scales drop
from my eyes (

> A theory of evolution for the creation of the solar system
> seems less than satisfactory in regard that the Earth and
> Moon appear to generate interrelated time cycles.

A prize (well, a beer when next we meet) to the best
explanation of what the heck this guy is on about...

...although, there may be an object lesson here.
What seconds God hath leaped, let no man put asunder.

Rob Seaman

Drop from my eyes, ye scales of time's applying

        - from A Poet's Hope, William Ellery Channing II
        ("not the most illustrious of the transcendentalists")
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