RE: [LEAPSECS] building consensus

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The answer to the intial query depends upon what you mean by active.

Ron Beard, Chair of the ITU's Special Rapporteur Group is on the list.
Also Dennis McCarthy, who is Chair of the IAU's Working Group on the Leap
I am less active, particucularly lately, but have been known to forward some
emails around.

We intentionally try to be silent in this forum.

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: Warner Losh objects:
: >> There are several doughty people here who happen to have that
: >> opinion, but they abide with us mortals outside the time lords'
: >> hushed inner sanctum.
: >
: > I have spent much time explaining why leap seconds cause real
: > problems in real applications, only to be insulted like this.
: Sincere apologies for my awkward statement. defines
: "doughty" as "marked by stouthearted courage; brave". I wasn't
: questioning the knowledge or passion of folks holding views that
: differ from my own. Rather I was attempting to question whether
: anybody actively participating on this list - holding whatever view -
: is also participating in ITU discussions.
: I see that Mr. Cowan has also parsed my admittedly opaque remarks.

Yes. I'm sorry I was so easily offended. Please accept my appologies
for my hasty words.

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