Re: [LEAPSECS] ideas for new UTC rules

From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 19:37:40 +0200

In message <>, Rob Seaman writes:

>The reality is that the ITU-R "specification" is just a minor
>footnote pertaining to obsolete technologies of time signal
>transport. One presumes nothing would stop the IERS from
>publishing any scheduling algorithm such as you describe.

Actually, since ITU is an UN institution and IERS is not, decisions
made by former will take legal precedence over decisions made by
the latter in most countries.

>The specification might benefit from dedicated IETF blessed

IETF is not really relevant here, POSIX is, and that takes us into
ISO territory, which means YAIO (yet another international organization)
which also doesn't have a real mandate. (ISO standards only take
effect if the national Standards Institutes bless/ratify/translate

>Actually - one presumes the IERS currently has the authority to
>do both of these things. Have never heard anyone suggest that
>the next two leap seconds might not be announced simultaneously.
>And the ITU-R has already signed off on the monthly scheduling
>of leap seconds - this is the law of the land.
>What precisely is stopping us from implementing some variation
>of Steve's scheduling algorithm right now, today, this minute?
>All in favor, say aye!


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