Re: [LEAPSECS] An immodest proposal

From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 23:48:48 +0000

In message <>, Markus Kuhn writes:
>Rob Seaman wrote on 2006-02-06 17:37 UTC:
>> 2) NTP can convey TAI as simply as UTC.
>> 3) Deploy a small network of NTP servers to keep TAI, not UTC.
>> 4) NTP client machines could therefore trivially select between TAI
>> and UTC by subscribing to different servers.
>NTP Version 3 as defined in RFC 1305 is clearly a protocol for
>diseminating UTC. This specification has no provisions for disseminating
>anything other than UTC (see Appendix E).
>You can, of course, define, publish, implement, and promote a new
>version (4?) of NTP that can also diseminate TAI, EOPs, leap-second
>tables, and other good things. I'm all for it.

There is already an effort to revise the NTP docs and I belive
the result is tentatively called NTPv4. There is some support
for distributing UTC-TAI in there.

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