Re: [LEAPSECS] An immodest proposal

From: John Cowan <cowan_at_CCIL.ORG>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 12:20:44 -0500

Neal McBurnett scripsit:

> Since TAI can be recovered from UTC, and hosts that use NTP know UTC,
> those hosts can serve any time they want to clients on that host. I
> see little reason to change the particular timestamps that are used in
> the NTP protocol, an less reason to have two different timestamps
> within NTP, or to require users on ntp-using hosts to switch their
> ntp servers just to get a different timescale.

The advantage of Steve's approach is that only the relevant NTP servers
have to maintain up-to-date DTAI tables; they serve as public conversion
points from the UTC to the TAI regime. Some mods would be required to
prevent the ntpd from propagating leap second indicators and leap seconds
themselves, as well as to prevent cross-contamination of the existing UTC-based
NTP network.

However, that only provides TAI at the level of time(); someone would need
to provide a userland library to do the right thing as well.

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