[IGSSTATION-805]: 1 Sec Epoch Error for GOPE and THU2 (fwd)

From: Richard Langley <lang_at_UNB.CA>
Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2006 16:04:19 -0400 (AST)

Another GLONASS receiver problem report.
-- Richard Langley

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Subject: [IGSSTATION-805]: 1 Sec Epoch Error for GOPE and THU2

IGS Station Mail 03 Feb 05:29:32 PST 2006 Message Number 805

Author: Heinz Habrich, Peter Neumaier

The GLONASS observations from the sites GOPE and THU2 show
obviously wrong observation epochs in the RINEX files since
January 1, 2006. This inconsistency is caused by the leap second
for UTC as was introduced at that day. We assume that the two mentioned
stations don't handle the new leap second correctly and ask the
station operators the check the receiver settings.

A code single point positioning results in an error
of about 300 m, as we found in our analysis. The RINEX header show
13 sec for GPS-UTC difference, but now it should be 14 sec.

Furthermore, we detected the wrong 13 sec for GPS-UTC in the RINEX header for
DARR and STR2, but these 2 stations could be analyzed without
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