Re: [LEAPSECS] Risks of change to UTC

From: Steve Allen <sla_at_UCOLICK.ORG>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 06:40:16 -0800

On Mon 2006-01-23T11:08:29 +0000, David Malone hath writ:
> As far as I can see from my 1992 edition of the Explanatory Supplement
> to the Astronomical Almanac, UT1 and GMST were (defined?)

> the relationship seems to have been changed to ones documented in
> (Capitaine et al., 2000, Capitaine et al., 2003, McCarthy and Petit,
> 2004). They say that that "This relationship was developed to
> maintain consistency with the previous defining relationship", but
> I think this probably means that they were stitched together in a
> smooth way, not that they are identical.

The explanatory supplment is a place for revealed truth.
The underlying process is only evident in the literature and reading
between the lines of the reports of the triennial IAU General
Assemblies. May I not so humbly suggest looking at

for a slightly explained version with links to most of the
papers and dates of changes.

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