Re: [LEAPSECS] Risks of change to UTC

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_IVAN.HARHAN.ORG>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 06 22:05:40 GMT

John Cowan <cowan_at_CCIL.ORG> wrote:

> Once we have accomplished the former [changing the basis of civil time],
> I don't give a hoot about the latter [hobbling UTC].
> Keep UTC if you want.

Then what are you doing here? Why don't you go to your elected
representatives in whatever country you call yours and lobby them to
pass a law changing the basis of civil time in your country from UTC to

I'm equally baffled by those people who keep trying to make ITU hobble
UTC. Those people are from the US government, aren't they? Then if they
are the US government, the all-powerful government that doesn't give a
flying rat's ass about anybody but themselves, why do they bother with
ITU, why don't they just pass a law changing the US legal time to
TAI-05:00:33 on the East Coast, TAI-06:00:33 Central, etc. Surely the
all-powerful government could do this any moment without asking anyone,
certainly not the common citizens?

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