Re: [LEAPSECS] Analog clocks and leap seconds

From: Mark Calabretta <mcalabre_at_ATNF.CSIRO.AU>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 11:58:28 +1100

On Fri 2006/01/13 07:31:50 -0800, Tom Van Baak wrote
in a message to: LEAPSECS_at_ROM.USNO.NAVY.MIL

>- You can design it with 61 seconds around the circle
> and jump over number 60 (go from 59 to 00) every
> minute except for when a positive leap second occurs.
> Also kind of weird, but the further into the future the
> more it would be appreciated.

This is really the only option that satisfies the requirements. Another
would be to have the seconds hand tick to 01 (which would be read as
61) and then jump back to 00 for added leap seconds. It would jump
straight from 59 to 00 for subtracted leap seconds.

Mark Calabretta
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