Re: [LEAPSECS] The real problem with leap seconds

From: Steve Allen <sla_at_UCOLICK.ORG>
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 13:13:57 -0800

On Sat 2006-01-07T21:20:33 +0100, Poul-Henning Kamp hath writ:
> You can find locate your countrys ITU-R representative and contact
> them with your input, just as well as I can for mine.

You can try that, and you may succeed, but it is deceptive to assert
that is easy to do.

In the US the process is Byzantine. Whereas it is apparently required
that draft contributions to the ITU be publicly available, it is
apparently not required that their availability be published outside
of predefined special interest groups. I would describe more of what
I know, but given that my knowledge is assembled from little bits
gleaned from unrelated documents I'm not convinced I am right.

If anyone else cared to challenge me to post the rules of some other
nation I'll gladly rise to the challenge and post the US rules.

> There is nothing hidden, undemocratic or revolutionary about it.
> The ITU _process_ does actually work.

Agreed, you just have to be prepared to play the Byzantine games.

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