Re: [LEAPSECS] NTP behavior in Australia

From: David Malone <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 09:46:58 +0000

> I grabbed a set if IP#'s from and monitored them in the 24
> hours before and 8 hours after the leap.

I did something similar using the public NTP server lists on the
ntp wiki. I'm still collecting the data, but I have some plots of
what's happening with the leap bits at:

It wasn't really until 24 hours before that a significant number
of servers were advertising the leap, peaking in the last measurement
before the leap. Interestingly, one server actually advertised a
leap in the wrong direction!

After the leap it looks like more stratum 1 servers were unsynchronised
than usual, though that seems to have setteled down a bit now. The
number of people with the leap bits set is dropping, but isn't quite
zero yet.

I have the peers information from out local ntp server around the
leap. Our server did the right thing, but it looks like there were
a number of others that didn't. I haven't figured out how to visualise
that yet.

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