WFCCD OVI Database
Brought to you by J. Xavier Prochaska (UCO/Lick Observatory)
in conjunction with Kathy Cooksey (UC Santa Cruz), Hsiao-Wen Chen (U Chicago), Benjamin Weiner (U Maryland) and John Mulchaey (OCIW)

Welcome to our website devoted to the study of the IGM in the low redshift universe. While the principal focus is on the WHIM (the warm-hot intergalactic medium), our interests and our data touch on additional topics including the Lya forest and the enrichment of the IGM.

Fields Papers
  • Paper I: Probing the IGM/Galaxy Connection Toward PKS0405-123 I: UV Spectroscopy and Metal-Line Systems
  • Paper II: Probing the IGM-Galaxy Connection Toward PKS0405-123 II : A Cross-Correlation Study of Lya Absorbers and Galaxies at z<0.5
  • Paper III: Probing the IGM-Galaxy Connection Toward PKS0405-123 III : The Galaxy Survey and Correlations with OVI Absorbers
  • PKS1302: Characterizing the Low-Redshift Intergalactic Medium towards PKS1302-102
  • Paper IV: The LCO/WFCCD Galaxy Survey of 20 Fields Surrounding UV Bright Quasars [14Mb]
  • Paper V (submitted): On the Origin of Lya and OVI Absorption at z<0.2

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last modified 3/2011