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high resolution Milky Way dark matter halos simulated on NASA's Columbia and ORNL's Jaguar supercomputers








short introductions and reviews:

The structure and evolution of cold dark matter halos
Jürg Diemand, Ben Moore, ASL in press 2009, pdf, astro-ph/0906.4340

The Structure of Cold Dark Matter Halos: Recent Insights from High Resolution Simulations
Marcel Zemp, 2009, MPLA, 24, 2291, astro-ph/0909.4298

VL-2 publications:

Clumps and streams in the local dark matter distribution
Diemand J., Kuhlen M., Madau P., Zemp M., Moore B., Potter D., Stadel J., 2008, Nature, 454, 735-738, astro-ph/0805.1244

The dark matter annihilation signal from galactic substructure: Predictions for GLAST
Kuhlen M., Diemand J., Madau P. 2008, ApJ, 686, 262, astro-ph/0805.4416

Fossil Remnants of Reionization in the Halo of the Milky Way
Madau P., Kuhlen M., Diemand J., Moore B., Zemp M., Potter D., Stadel J., 2008, ApJ, 689, 41, astro-ph/0810.3712

The Graininess of Dark Matter Haloes
Zemp M., Diemand J., Kuhlen M., Madau P., Moore B., Potter D., Stadel J., 2009, MNRAS, 394, 641, astro-ph/0812.2033

The cosmic ray lepton puzzle in the light of cosmological N-body simulations
Pierre Brun, Timur Delahaye, Jürg Diemand, Stefano Profumo, Pierre Salati, 2009, PhRvD, 80, 035023, astro-ph/0904.0812

ATIC, PAMELA, HESS, Fermi and nearby Dark Matter subhalos
Michael Kuhlen, Dmitry Malyshev, 2009, astro-ph/0904.3378

Probing the Epoch of Reionization with Milky Way Satellites
Joseph A. Muñoz, Piero Madau, Abraham Loeb, Jürg Diemand, 2009, MNRAS in press, astro-ph/0905.4744

The Dark Matter Annihilation Signal from Dwarf Galaxies and Subhalos
Michael Kuhlen, 2009, astro-ph/0906.1822

Exploring Dark Matter with Milky Way Substructure
Michael Kuhlen, Piero Madau, Joseph Silk, 2009, Science, 325, 970, astro-ph/0907.0005

VL-1 publications:

Dark matter substructure and gamma-ray annihilation in the Milky Way halo
Diemand, J., Kuhlen, M., & Madau, P. 2007, ApJ, 657, 262, astro-ph/0611370 pdf

Formation and evolution of galaxy dark matter halos and their substructure
Diemand, J., Kuhlen, M., & Madau, P. 2007, ApJ, 667, 859, astro-ph/0703337 pdf erratum pdf

Redefining the Missing Satellites Problem
Strigari, L. E., Bullock, J. S., Kaplinghat, M., Diemand, J., Kuhlen, M., & Madau, P. 2007, ApJ, 669, 676, astro-ph/0704.1817

The shapes, orientation, and alignment of Galactic dark matter subhalos
Kuhlen, M., Diemand, J., & Madau, P. 2007, ApJ, 671, 1135, astro-ph/0705.2037

Dark matter subhalos and dwarf satellites
Madau, P., Diemand, J., & Kuhlen, M. 2008, ApJ, 679, 1260, astro-ph/0802.2265

Infall caustics in dark matter halos?
Diemand, J., & Kuhlen, M. 2008, ApJ in press, astro-ph/0804.4185

some publications using via lactea data (list is very incomplete and not up to date):

The Kinematics of the Ultra-Faint Milky Way Satellites: Solving the Missing Satellite Problem
Simon, J. D., & Geha, M. 2007, astro-ph/0706.0516

The Most Dark Matter Dominated Galaxies: Predicted Gamma-ray Signals from the Faintest Milky Way Dwarfs
Strigari, L. et al. 2007, astro-ph/0709.1510

Hundreds of Milky Way Satellites? Luminosity Bias in the Satellite Luminosity Function
Tollerud, E. et al. 2008, astro-ph/0806.4381

Spin-independent elastic WIMP scattering and the DAMA annual modulation signal
Fairbairn M., Schwetz T., 2008, hep-ph/0808.0704

The Impact of Inhomogeneous Reionization on the Satellite Galaxy Population of the Milky Way
Busha M. et al., 2009, hep-ph/0901.3553

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