a small part of the via lactea halo

high resolution Milky Way dark matter halos simulated on NASA's Columbia and ORNL's Jaguar supercomputers








screensavers (currently for Mac OS X only)

Save the *.qtz (Quartz Composer) files in your ~/Library/Screen Savers/ folder and they will appear in the "Screen Savers" menu in the Mac OS X Systems Preferences.

Safari users can get a preview of the first two screensavers by clicking on the *.qtz files or on the images.

rotating cube screensaver rotating and moving cube

vlcube.qtz (22 MB)

Orthogonal projections of the via lactea halo placed on a moving and rotating cube.
moving image screensaver drift

vldrift.qtz (3.4 MB)

Random movement through a large image showing one projection of the via lactea halo.
movie screensaver movie

vlmovie.qtz (4 kB)

"vlmovie.qtz" will play a movie called "vlmovie.mpg" located in the same directory.
Download your favorite via lactea movie and copy it to ~/Library/Screen Savers/ and rename it "vlmovie.mpg"
slide show screensaver slide show

To install the via lactea slide show download and unpack the archive vlslideshow.zip (0.7 MB) and move both "vlslideshow.qtz" and the "vlslides" folder to ~/Library/Screen Savers/

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