UCO Instrument Labs

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The Engineering Shop for the UCO Instrument Labs, which is located on the UCSC campus, is responsible for some of the best astronomical instruments on this (or as far as we know, any) planet. The group works closely with various project Principal Investigators to produce designs that allow the instruments to meet, and many times exceed, the initial system requirements. The combination of talents in this department takes the projects from the conceptual stage and forges those concepts into working drawings that are then passed on to the Fabrication Shop for fabrication.

Every two years, members of the Engineering staff attend the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Conference. In 2010, several engineers attended and contributed papers and posters to the Proceedings. The next SPIE Conference will be held in Amsterdam in July, 2012.

l-r: Deb Culmer, Christoph Pistor, Jerry Cabak, Michael Peck, Dave Cowley, Christopher Ratliff, Matt Radovan