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Number Author Name
1 Catherine (Christen) Crum 1978 Addendum, The History of the Magley Family [S0074]
2 Biographical and Historical Record of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana [S0042]
3 ?John W. Wilkey? BIRTHS sheet for JTA/LRA [S0058]
4 Robert Brinkley Brinkley Family Tree on [S0093]
5 Brooklyn Daily Eagle [S0111]
6 Delaware County Marriages [S0082]
7 Betty Knorr and Charles Descendants of George Russell [S0045]
8 from Linda Barouska Descendants of Samuel Langdon, Sr. [S0071]
9 Harold Reed Descendants of William Reed [S0096]
10 e-mail from Brent Nelson [S0086]
11 Mike Marshall Early Colonial Settlers of Southern Maryland and Virginia's Northern Neck Counties [S0113]
12 Sullivan Co, IN Elcurtis Allen/Della Pittman marriage certificate [S0084]
13 Family Bible in possession of Montgomery County [S0092]
14 Lady Lavynder Family Tree of Luanne Lynne Vernon Henthorn [S0064]
15 LDS FamilySearchâ„¢ International Genealogical Index v5.0 [S0081]
16 Farmersburg Bee [S0099]
17 Find A Grave Memorial website [S0085]
18 Tombaugh Fulton Co. Indiana Wills Briefed [S0095]
19 Jean C. and Wendell C. Tombaugh Fulton County Indiana Marriages 1836-1983 L-Z [S0094]
20 Garland Hill Garland Hill e-mails [S0068]
21 LTJG Steven P. Wolf, USCG Genealogical Chart of the Magli in Switzerland [S0078]
22 Lonnie C. Edwards, M.D., M.P.A. George A. Allen death certificate [S0083]
23 Google Cache Family Tree of Luanne Lynne Vernon Henthorn [S0043]
24 Odessa Anna Russell Google Cache of Harris Family History [S0051]
25 Martha Hellgren Grandmother Maria Hellgren [S0055]
26 Kitty Smith Group1 & 18.ged on [S0091]
27 Hellgren family genealogy sheet [S0077]
28 History of Greene and Sullivan Counties [S0052]
29 Senior English Class, Eunice Asbury - English Teacher History of Jackson Township, Sullivan County, Indiana [S0106]
30 History of the Magley Family, The [S0076]
31 History of Vigo County, 1891 [S0072]
32 Earl Hitt Hitt-Haynie and related families [S0097]
33 Indiana, Death Index, 1882-1920 [S0103]
34 Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959 [S0098]
35 Dennis Lancaster James Tadlock Allen:DL [S0069]
36 Jim Ringo e-mails [S0047]
37 John Russell John Russell 1888 letter to Mary Wilkey [S0062]
38 John Russell John Russell 1892 Postcard to Wesley Wilkey of Green Castle, IN [S0061]
39 John W. Wilkey John Russell to John R. Allen genealogy [S0060]
40 John W. Wilkey John W. Wilkey 1956 letter to Sula Wilkey [S0046]
41 John W. Wilkey John W. Wilkey 1967 letter to John R. Allen [S0063]
42 John W. Wilkey John W. Wilkey 1967 letter to Naomi Allen [S0065]
43 John W. Wilkey Joseph Allen to John Robert Allen genealogy [S0059]
44 Linda B. Linda's e-mail [S0054]
45 Chloe Siner Morgan Little Flock Baptist Church (1821), Sullivan County [S0108]
46 Mary and Gerald Luzader Luzader e-mails [S0112]
47 M.E. Bigger memorial service leaflet [S0056]
48 Margaret Hellgren and cousins Marge's chart [S0070]
49 Margaret Hellgren Marge's Maguire chart [S0087]
50 Randy Fonner Michigan Fonners [S0079]
51 Michael A. Orrs Missouri Orrs GEDCOM on [S0090]
52 Naomi Naomi's chart [S0080]
53 Naomi Ruth Christen Allen Naomi's Family Record notebook [S0057]
54 note from offspring of Joseph Allen [S0048]
55 Fred Feldman Siner/Sinor Families [S0049]
56 Mary Anne Stubbs Campbell Siner/Stubbs/Israel families 16 [S0066]
57 Steve Siner Siner/Stubbs/Israel families 9 [S0067]
58 South Bend News-Times [S0102]
59 Sullivan Daily Times [S0100]
60 The Fort Wayne Sentinel [S0101]
61 The Pillers/Pillars Family Page [S0050]
62 The Porter County Vidette [S0105]
63 The Vidette-Messenger [S0104]
64 Naomi Vern's chart [S0075]
65 William J. Allen William J. Allen Bible Family Record Pages [S0044]