This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Christen. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Albright John? Christen 1840-11-23
Anna C. Christen 1855-04-20
Arlo B. Christen  
Arthur Augustus Christen 1873-10-12
Carol Anne Christen  
Catharine May Christen 1898-10-30
Donald W. Christen  
Edward Christen 1852
Edward Rogers Christen 1927-05-06
Edward Samuel Christen 1871-12-13
Eliza Christen 1839-01-05
Elizabeth Christen
Elizabeth Louise Christen  
Ellis Christen 1891-11-13
Ellis Marlow Christen 1897-04-13
Emily Christen 1837-10-07
Ferd Edward Christen 1902-10-24
Frederick Allen Christen 1884-03-24
Godfrey Christen 1836-11-21
Harriett Frances Christen  
Harry Winfield Christen 1877-11-25
Jesse Fremont Christen 1887-12-27
John Christen
John Christen Sr. 1812-08-09
John Christen 1835-11-16
John Christen Jr. 1844-10-05
John Edward Christen 1938-12-03
John Robert Christen between 1849-11-07 and 1849-12-07
John Samuel Christen V  
Kenneth C. Christen  
Lois Nelle Christen  
Margaret Louise Christen 1904-09-10
Mary A. Christen 1842-03-22
Mary A. Christen 1843-05-08
Minnie Caroline Christen 1875-10-14
Naomi Ruth Christen 1900-11-19
Norman C. Christen  
Otto Guy Christen 1880-02-29
Paul E. Christen  
Phyllis Ann Christen  
Raymond Dennis Christen 1885-09-19
Robert Christen 1848-03-00
Robert V. Christen  
Samuel Ellis Christen  
Tina Louise Christen  
Virginia Catherine Christen  
Wilbert Calvin “Burt” Christen 1884-01-21
William Christen 1846-08-02