This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Langdon. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Ada Langdon 1825
Arthur V. Langdon  
Avis Louise Langdon 1904-10-29
Byron Zane “Ducky” Langdon 1908-04-26
Charles Andrew Langdon 1877-10-04
Charles Olaf “Cye” Langdon 1910-10-11
Charline Roma Langdon 1902-09-20
Clancy P. Langdon 1908-05-19
Curtis Langdon 1892-12-12
Daniel H. Langdon 1831
Daugh E. Langdon  
David Wilson Langdon 1867
Delores P. Langdon 1899-11-20
Donna Louise Langdon  
Elijah J. Langdon 1822-08-26
Elijah J. Langdon 1851-07-00
Elisha Langdon 1822-08-26
Elisha Lewis Langdon 1849-03-26
Elizabeth Langdon  
Elizabeth A. Langdon 1916-03-09
Emilia Virginia Langdon 1834
Eric R. Langdon 1901-10-21
Fedalinn Langdon  
Gola E. Langdon 1879-12-21
Ina Langdon  
Isaac John Langdon 1826-10-26
Ivar Owen Langdon 1906-03-15
Ivar Paul Langdon  
Ivar Wayne “Bud” Langdon 1930-04-09
James L. Langdon 1819-10-14
Jeremy Paul Langdon  
John Langdon 1803
Lance Langdon  
Laura Jane Langdon 1865
Lydia Margaret “Maggie” Langdon 1861
Mabel A. Langdon 1887-12-00
Marietta B. Langdon 1868-07-07
Mary Langdon 1817
Maude Langdon 1882-10-08
Melinda Langdon 1823-11-20
Mildred Langdon  
Mildred June Langdon  
Nancy Langdon  
Noah E. Langdon 1870
Oley Dickey Langdon 1886-06-29
Otho Olo La Vaughn Langdon 1897-01-26
Otto Ray Langdon 1893-06-21
Perry A. Langdon 1855-12-00
Perry Allan Langdon  
Renee Elaine Langdon  
Robert Langdon  
Roma Armena Langdon 1871-08-25
Rosa Rowena Langdon 1871-08-25
Sallie Ernest Langdon 1875-08-13
Samuel Langdon Sr. between 1733 and 1734
Samuel Langdon Jr. 1763-01-26
Samuel A. Langdon 1829
Samuel E. Langdon 1873-02-03
Thomas Langdon 1806
William Langdon about 1805
William I.J. Langdon 1869-11-20
William Spurgeon Langdon 1862
unknownM Langdon  
unknownM Langdon 1891-05-06
unnamed Langdon