HIRES Data Reduction [v2.0; February 2006]
As you can see, I have broken up the cookbook into a number of smaller documents. This file is now just an outline. Hopefully, this is an improvement.

I. First Steps

HIRES Suggested Calibrations
Pre-Reduction Setup

II. Setup

Organize/Compress the Data
Create/Edit the Structure

III. Calibrations

Create Bias (Zero) frames [NOT recommended and not functional]
Set Gain
Process Flats
Arc Images
Slit Profile

IV. Extraction

Process the Image
Cosmic Rays [Optional, recommened]
Identify and Trace the Object
Sky Subtraction

V. Flux and/or Coadding

Several routines now exist. Fluxing is still a very dicey game with HIRES. The coadding routines, however, appear to be reasonably stable, even for exposures from separate runs.
Obsolete Routines

Last modified 2006-2-10