UCOAC Meeting 42

University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
Forty-second Meeting
14 January 2005, 9:15 am - 4:30 pm
Frederick Reines Hall
UC Irvine

I. Chair’s Remarks (Filippenko)

II. Director's remarks: the state of the UCO (Miller)

III. Status of the Keck Observatory; relations with Keck HQ; future Directors, etc. (Miller)

IV. Status of the TMT (Nelson)

V. TMT: Review the Call for instrument proposals. Are any coordinated responses appropriate? Also review Call for AO proposals. (Nelson)

VI. OSIRIS update; Lick GEMINI upgrade? (McLean)

VII. Son-of-KIRMOS status (McLean, Miller)

VIII. Lunch

IX. What do we want from the TMT? (Miller, others); general discussion of TMT project. The national/international scene, and money.

X. CfAO update (Max)

XI. Gemini ExAO discussion (Miller, Graham)

XII. Keck ExAO discussion: Does UC have an opinion about ExAO at Keck? Next generation AO at Keck? How much do we want it, from where might the money come, who should be in charge? (Max, Graham, Miller, Nelson)

XIII. UCLA IR Lab update (brief): MOSFIRE, OSIRIS, etc. (McLean)

XIV. Keck eligibility requirements: should they be tightened? (Miller)

XV. Davidson fund for Mt. Hamilton student observers (Maureen McLean)

XVI. Other Business/Executive Session

XVII. Adjourn

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