UCOAC Meeting 43

University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
Forty-third Meeting
15 September 2005, 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Center for Adaptive Optics Conference Room
UC Santa Cruz

I. UCOAC Chair’s Remarks (Filippenko)

II. UCO Director’s Remarks (Miller)

III. Status of the Search for New UCO Director (Faber)
Discussion with UCOAC

IV. Status of the TMT project (Nelson)

V. Status of the Search for new Keck director (Miller)

VI. Possible new policy for Keck reward time for Keck instruments (Miller)

VII Lick (Mt. Hamilton) technical maintenance (Filippenko)

VIII. Long-term (>2009) possibility of merging Lick/Palomar:
Report on Palomar/Lick capabilities (Rich)
General UCOAC discussion

IX. Preparations for Sep. 22 UCOAC/COO and Keck Strategic Plan meetings (Bolte, McLean)

X. OWL and Korean 6.5-m telescopes (Rich)

XI. Other business, Executive Session

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