Joint UCOAC/COO Meeting

UCO Advisory Committee/Caltech Optical Observatories
Joint Meeting
22 September 2005, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Buwalda Room, Arms Building
California Institute of Technology

I. Introductory remarks, agenda (Kulkarni, Filippenko)

II. Palomar Observatory, current facilites & plans (Ellis)

III. LGS and AO plans at Palomar (Dekany)

IV. Lick Observatory, current facilities & plans (Bolte)

V. LGS at Lick (Max)

VI. Open discussion -- how can we collaborate or share facilities?

VII. Incoming Palomar Director's view on Keck, TMT, etc. (Kulkarni)

VIII. Incoming Director's view on Keck, TMT, etc. (Bolte)

IX. Current CELT Funding (Ellis/Miller)
NSF Senior Review
NSF funding for TMT (if any)

X. Discussion (managed by AVF & SRK)

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