This is a package put together by Jason X. Prochaska, Joe Hennawai, and Scott Burles to reduce spectra from a number of instruments.
There are two specific packages made for HiRes and ESI. The Hamilton spectrometer for the Shane is also supported.


This is a set of FORTRAN and C code that must be compiled. It relies on PGPLOT to produce plots. The big advantages are that it is fast and produces publishable data. This is very handy for use at the telescope. There are some flags to make it work better with ESI and the user must combine the flat and arc files separately.

Dan Kelson's Package

Dan Kelson of OCIW has put together a large package of Python software that can reduce data from a number of spectrographs, ranging from echelles to low resolution multi-slit data.
The software is completely self-contained.
Currently there are no procedures specifically for ESI or HiRes, so the prospective user would have to adapt the routines for the OCIW MIKE spectrograph.
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