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Early 2010

The thermal emission of the exoplanets WASP-1b and WASP-2b.
P. J. Wheatley, A. Collier Cameron, J. Harrington, J. J. Fortney, et al. (2010), ApJ submitted, arXiv:1004.0836.

The Roles of Tidal Evolution and Evaporative Mass Loss in the Origin of CoRoT-7b.
B. Jackon, N. Miller, R. Barnes, S. Raymond, J. J. Fortney, R. Greenberg (2010). MNRAS in press, arXiv:1005.2186.

Near-Infrared Thermal Emission from the Hot Jupiter TrES-2b: Ground-Based Detection of the Secondary Eclipse.
B. Croll, L. Albert, D. Lafreniere, R. Jayawardhana, J. J. Fortney (2010). ApJ in press, arXiv:1005.3027.

Thermometric Soots on Hot Jupiters?
K. Zahnle, M. S. Marley, J. J. Fortney (2010), ApJ submitted, arXiv:0911.0728.

The Nature of the Atmosphere of the Transiting Super-Earth GJ 1214b.
E. Miller-Ricci and J. J. Fortney (2010). Astrophysical Journal, vol 716, L74-L79.

Kepler Observations of Transiting Hot Compact Objects.
J. F. Rowe, W. J. Borucki et al. (2010). Astrophysical Journal, vol 713, L150-L154.

The Discovery of Ellipsoidal Variations in the Kepler Light Curve of HAT-P-7.
W. F. Welsh, J. A. Orosz, S. Seager, J. J. Fortney, J. Jenkins, J. F. Rowe, D. Koch, W. J. Borucki(2010). Astrophysical Journal, vol 713, L145-L149.

The thermal emission of the young and massive planet CoRoT-2b at 4.5 and 8 microns.
M. Gillon, A. A. Lanotte, T. Barman, N. Miller, B.-O. Demory, M. Deleuil, J. Montalban, F. Bouchy, A. Collier Cameron, H. J. Deeg, J. J. Fortney, M. Fridlund, J. Harrington, P. Magain, C. Moutou, D. Queloz, H. Rauer, D. Rouan, J. Schneider (2010). Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol 510, doi:10.1051/0004-6361/200913507.

WASP-12b as a prolate, inflated and disrupting planet from tidal dissipation.
S. Li, N. Miller, D. N. C. Lin, J. J. Fortney (2010). Nature, vol 463, 1054-1056.

Kepler Planet-Detection Mission: Introduction and First Results.
W. J. Borucki, D. Koch et al. (2010). Science, vol 327, 977-980.

Transmission Spectra of Three-Dimensional Hot Jupiter Model Atmospheres.
J. J. Fortney, M. Shabram, A. P. Showman, Y. Lian, M. S. Marley, R. S. Freedman, N. Lewis (2010). Astrophysical Journal, vol 709, 1396-1406.

Spitzer IRAC Secondary Eclipse Photometry of the Transiting Extrasolar Planet HAT-P-1b.
K. Todorov, D. Deming, J. Harrington, K. B. Stevenson, W. C. Bowman, S. Nymeyer, J. J. Fortney, G. Bakos (2010). Astrophysical Journal, vol 708, 498-504.


Structure, Composition, and Evolution of Giant Planets.
J. J. Fortney and N. Nettelmann (2009). Space Science Reviews, doi:10.1007/s11214-009-9582-x.

The 8 Micron Phase Variation of the Hot Saturn HD 149026b.
Heather A. Knutson, David Charbonneau, Nicolas B. Cowan, Jonathan J. Fortney, Adam P. Showman, Eric Agol, Gregory W. Henry (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 703, 769-784.

Inflating and Deflating Hot Jupiters: Coupled Tidal and Thermal Evolution of Known Transiting Planets.
N. Miller, J. J. Fortney, B. Jackson (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 702, 1413-1427.

Atmospheric Sulfur Photochemistry on Hot Jupiters.
K. Zahnle, M.S. Marley, R.S. Freedman, K. Lodders, J.J. Fortney (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 701, L20-L24.

Atmospheric circulation of hot Jupiters: Coupled radiative-dynamical general circulation model simulations of HD 189733b and HD 209458b.
A. P. Showman, J. J. Fortney, Y. Lian, M. S. Marley, R. S. Freedman, H. A. Knutson, D. Charbonneau (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 699, 564-484.

Frontiers of the physics of dense plasmas and planetary interiors: Experiments, theory, and applications.
J. J. Fortney, S. H. Glenzer, M. Koenig, B. Militzer, D. Saumon, D. Valencia (2009). Physics of Plasmas, vol 16, DOI: 10.1063/1.3101818

A Precise Estimate of the Radius of the Exoplanet HD 149026b from Spitzer Photometry.
P. Nutzman, D. Charbonneau, J.N. Winn, H.A. Knutson, J.J. Fortney, M.J. Holman, E. Agol (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 692, 229-235.

Multi-Wavelength Constraints on the Day-Night Circulation Patterns of HD 189733b.
H. A. Knutson, D. Charbonneau, N. B. Cowan, J. J. Fortney, A. P. Showman, E. Agol, G. W. Henry, M. E. Everett, L. E. Allen (2009). Astrophysical Journal, vol 690, 822-836.


Synthetic Spectra and Colors of Young Giant Planet Atmospheres: Effects of Initial Conditions and Atmospheric Metallicity.
J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, D. Saumon, K. Lodders, M.S. Marley (2008). Astrophysical Journal, vol 683, 1104-1116.

Atmospheric Circulation of Hot Jupiters: Three-dimensional circulation models of HD 209458b and HD 189733b with Simplified Forcing.
A. P. Showman, C. S. Cooper, J. J. Fortney, M. S. Marley (2008). Astrophysical Journal, vol 682, 559-576.

A Unified Theory for the Atmospheres of the Hot and Very Hot Jupiters: Two Classes of Irradiated Atmospheres.
J.J. Fortney, K. Lodders, M.S. Marley, R.S Freedman (2008). Astrophysical Journal, vol 678, 1419-1435.


Analysis of Spitzer Spectra of Irradiated Planets: Evidence for Water Vapor?
J.J. Fortney & M.S. Marley (2007). Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 666, L45-L48.

A map of the day-night contrast of the extrasolar planet HD 189733b.
H.A. Knutson, D. Charbonneau, L.E. Allen, J.J. Fortney, E. Agol, N.B. Cowan, A.P. Showman, C.S. Cooper, S.T. Megeath (2007). Nature, vol 447, 183-186.

Planetary Radii Across Five Orders of Magnitude in Mass and Stellar Insolation: Application to Transits. (Erratum)
J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, J.W. Barnes (2007). Astrophysical Journal, vol 659, 1661-1672.

On the Luminosity of Young Jupiters.
M.S. Marley, J.J. Fortney, O. Hubickyj, P. Bodenheimer, J.J. Lissauer, (2007). Astrophysical Journal, vol 655, 541-549.


The Influence of Atmospheric Dynamics on the Infrared Spectra and Light Curves of Hot Jupiters.
J.J. Fortney, C.S. Cooper, A.P. Showman, M.S. Marley, R.S. Freedman, (2006). Astrophysical Journal, vol 652, 746-757.

Search for an Atmospheric Signature of the Transiting Exoplanet HD 149026b.
N. Bozorgnia, J.J. Fortney, C. McCarthy, D.A. Fischer, G.W. Marcy, (2006). PASP, vol 118, 1252-1257.

Resolving the Surfaces of Extrasolar Planets With Secondary Eclipse Light Curves.
P.K.G. Williams, D. Charbonneau, C.S. Cooper, A.P. Showman, J.J. Fortney (2006). Astrophysical Journal, vol 649, 1020-1027.

Atmosphere, Interior, and Evolution of the Metal-Rich Transiting Planet HD 149026b.
J.J. Fortney, D. Saumon, M.S. Marley, K. Lodders, R.S. Freedman, (2006). Astrophysical Journal, vol. 642, 495-504.


The Effect of Condensates on the Characterization of Transiting Planet Atmospheres with Transmission Spectroscopy.
J.J. Fortney, (2005). MNRAS, vol. 364, 649-653.

Comparative Planetary Atmospheres: Models of TrES-1 and HD209458b.
J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, K. Lodders, D. Saumon, R.S. Freedman, (2005). Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 627, L69-L72.


Transit Detectability of Ring Systems Around Extrasolar Giant Planets.
J.W. Barnes and J.J. Fortney, (2004). Astrophysical Journal, vol. 616, 1193-1203.

Theoretical Radii of Transiting Giant Planets: The Case of OGLE-TR-56b.
A. Burrows, D. Sudarsky, I. Hubeny, W.B. Hubbard, J.J. Fortney, (2004). Astrophysical Journal Letters, vol. 610, L53-L56.

Effects of Helium Phase Separation on the Evolution of Extrasolar Giant Planets.
J.J. Fortney and W.B. Hubbard, (2004). Astrophysical Journal, vol. 608, 1039-1049.


Phase Separation in Giant Planets: Inhomogeneous Evolution of Saturn.
J.J. Fortney and W.B. Hubbard, (2003). Icarus, vol. 164, 228-243.

On the Indirect Detection of Sodium in the Atmosphere of the Planetary Companion to HD 209458.
J.J. Fortney, D. Sudarsky, I. Hubeny, C.S. Cooper, W.B. Hubbard, A. Burrows, J.I. Lunine, (2003). Astrophysical Journal, vol. 589, 615-622.

Measuring the Oblateness and Rotation of Transiting Extrasolar Giant Planets.
J.W. Barnes and J.J. Fortney. (2003). Astrophysical Journal, vol. 588, 545-556.


Theory of Extrasolar Giant Planet Transits.
W.B. Hubbard, J.J. Fortney, J.I. Lunine, A. Burrows, D. Sudarsky, P. Pinto, 2001, Astrophysical Journal, vol 560, 413-419.

Refereed Book Chapters

Giant Planet Interior Structure and Thermal Evolution
J. J. Fortney, I. Baraffe, B. Militzer, 2009. EXOPLANETS. S. Seager (ed.), Univ. of Arizona Press, in press, arXiv:0911.3154.

Atmospheres of Extrasolar Giant Planets.
M. S. Marley, J. J. Fortney, S. Seager, T. Barman, 2007. In Protostars and Planets V. B. Reipurth, D. Jewitt, and K. Keil (eds.), University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 733-747.

The Interiors of Giant Planets.
M. S. Marley and J. J. Fortney, 2007. Encyclopedia of the Solar System, Second Edition. L. McFadden, P. Weissman, T. Johnson (eds.), Academic Press, San Diego, 403-418.


News and Views: The one that got away.
J.J. Fortney (2007). Nature, vol. 479.

Perspectives: Looking into the Giant Planets.
J.J. Fortney, (2004). Science, vol. 305, 1414-1415.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

Two Classes of Hot Jupiter Atmospheres.
J. J. Fortney, 2009. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, vol. 253, p. 247-253.

The Impact of Transit Observations on Planetary Physics.
J. J. Fortney, 2008. Extreme Solar Systems, ASP Conference Series, vol. 398, 405-417.

Hot Jupiter Model Atmospheres in the Spitzer Era.
J. J. Fortney, 2008. 14th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 384, pg 264.

Hot Jupiter Model Atmospheres and Spectra.
J. J. Fortney, 2007. Transiting Planet Workshop (Heidelberg), ASP Conference Series, Vol 366, pg. 297.

The Structure of Jupiter, Saturn, and Exoplanets: Key Questions for High-Pressure Experiments.
J.J. Fortney (2007). Astrophysics & Space Science, vol 307, 279-283 (refereed).

Young Jupiters are Faint: New Models of the Early Evolution of Giant Planets.
J.J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, O. Hubickyj, P. Bodenheimer, J.J. Lissauer, (2005). Astronomical Notes, vol. 326, 925-929 (refereed).

What can we learn about giant planets from low resolution spectra?
J. J. Fortney and M. S. Marley, 2005. IAU Colloquium 200: Direct Detection of Exoplanets: Science and Techniques. pg. 145.

Comparative Planetary Atmospheres: Models of HD 20945b, TrES-1, and HD 149026b.
J. J. Fortney, M.S. Marley, K. Lodders, D. Saumon, R. Freedman, 2005. Tenth Anniversary of 51 Peg b: Status and Prospects for Hot Jupiter Studies. pg. 234.

Effects of Phase Separation on the Evolution of Giant Planets.
J. J. Fortney and W. B. Hubbard, 2004. Maryland Astrophysics Conference: The Search for Other Worlds, pg. 197.