Maddox, Susan Lucille

Birth Name Susan Lucille Maddox
Gramps ID I0821
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Maddox, Charles Thomas [I0819]
Mother Christen, Lois Nelle [I0812]
    Brother     Maddox, Thomas Michael “Mike” [I0820]
         Maddox, Susan Lucille [I0821]
    Sister     Maddox, Emily Louise [I0822]
    Sister     Maddox, Anne Elizabeth [I0823]


    Family of Garrity, unknownM and Maddox, Susan Lucille [F0815]
Unknown Partner Garrity, unknownM [I1203]


  1. Maddox, Charles Thomas [I0819]
    1. Christen, Lois Nelle [I0812]
      1. Maddox, Thomas Michael “Mike” [I0820]
      2. Maddox, Susan Lucille
        1. Garrity, unknownM [I1203]
      3. Maddox, Emily Louise [I0822]
      4. Maddox, Anne Elizabeth [I0823]