Christen, Ellis Marlow 1 2a

Birth Name Ellis Marlow Christen
Gramps ID I0497
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years, 7 months, 19 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E0505] 1897-04-13 Geneva, Indiana  
Death [E0986] 1984-12-00 Fowler, Indiana  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Christen, Edward Samuel [I0068]
Mother Marlow, Martha Frances “Fannie” [I0071]
         Christen, Ellis Marlow [I0497]
    Sister     Christen, Catharine May [I0498]
    Sister     Christen, Naomi Ruth [I0000]
    Brother     Christen, Ferd Edward [I0499]
    Sister     Christen, Margaret Louise [I0500]


    Family of Christen, Ellis Marlow and Rogers, Elizabeth Spragg [F0594]
Married Wife Rogers, Elizabeth Spragg [I0809]
  1. Christen, Harriett Frances [I0810]
  2. Christen, Lois Nelle [I0812]
  3. Christen, Carol Anne [I0813]
  4. Christen, Elizabeth Louise [I0814]
  5. Christen, Edward Rogers [I0811]


Type Value Notes Sources
Nickname Chris


  1. Christen, Edward Samuel [I0068]
    1. Marlow, Martha Frances “Fannie” [I0071]
      1. Christen, Ellis Marlow
        1. Rogers, Elizabeth Spragg [I0809]
          1. Christen, Harriett Frances [I0810]
          2. Christen, Edward Rogers [I0811]
          3. Christen, Lois Nelle [I0812]
          4. Christen, Carol Anne [I0813]
          5. Christen, Elizabeth Louise [I0814]
      2. Christen, Catharine May [I0498]
      3. Christen, Naomi Ruth [I0000]
      4. Christen, Ferd Edward [I0499]
      5. Christen, Margaret Louise [I0500]


Source References

  1. History of the Magley Family, The [S0076]
  2. Naomi Ruth Christen Allen: Naomi's Family Record notebook [S0057]
      • Page: 17