Wilkey, Paul Allen 1a

Birth Name Paul Allen Wilkey
Gramps ID I0787
Gender male
Age at Death 76 years, 10 months, 2 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E1378] 1897-08-27 Indiana  
Death [E0028] 1974-06-29 Indianapolis, Indiana  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Wilkey, Wesley [I0099]
Mother Allen, Mary Elizabeth [I0098]
    Brother     Wilkey, Frederick Simpson [I0784]
    Brother     Wilkey, John Wesley [I0102]
    Sister     Wilkey, Susanna Destine “Sula” [I0097]
         Wilkey, Paul Allen [I0787]
Stepfather Stevens, John [I1263]
Mother Allen, Mary Elizabeth [I0098]


    Family of Wilkey, Paul Allen and Rexrode, Lucille [F0584]
Married Wife Rexrode, Lucille [I0788]
    Family of Wilkey, Paul Allen and Hale, Lula [F0672]
Married Wife Hale, Lula [I0917]
  1. Wilkey, Russell [I0918]


  1. Wilkey, Wesley [I0099]
    1. Allen, Mary Elizabeth [I0098]
      1. Wilkey, Frederick Simpson [I0784]
      2. Wilkey, John Wesley [I0102]
      3. Wilkey, Susanna Destine “Sula” [I0097]
      4. Wilkey, Paul Allen
        1. Rexrode, Lucille [I0788]
        2. Hale, Lula [I0917]
          1. Wilkey, Russell [I0918]


Source References

  1. John W. Wilkey: John W. Wilkey 1967 letter to Naomi Allen [S0065]
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