White, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine

Birth Name Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine White
Gramps ID I1281
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father White, Charles L. [I0540]
Mother Pownall, Viola Mae [I0469]
    Sister     White, Edith D. [I1280]
         White, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine [I1281]
    Sister     White, Nellie Marie [I1282]
    Brother     White, Freddie E. [I1283]
    Sister     White, Clara F. [I1284]


    Family of Rouch, Charles Eugene and White, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine [F0858]
Married Husband Rouch, Charles Eugene [I1296]


  1. White, Charles L. [I0540]
    1. Pownall, Viola Mae [I0469]
      1. White, Edith D. [I1280]
      2. White, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lorine
        1. Rouch, Charles Eugene [I1296]
      3. White, Nellie Marie [I1282]
      4. White, Freddie E. [I1283]
      5. White, Clara F. [I1284]