White, Nellie Marie

Birth Name Nellie Marie White
Gramps ID I1282
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father White, Charles L. [I0540]
Mother Pownall, Viola Mae [I0469]
    Sister     White, Edith D. [I1280]
    Sister     White, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine [I1281]
         White, Nellie Marie [I1282]
    Brother     White, Freddie E. [I1283]
    Sister     White, Clara F. [I1284]


    Family of Bloom, Cecil Stanley and White, Nellie Marie [F0857]
Married Husband Bloom, Cecil Stanley [I1295]


  1. White, Charles L. [I0540]
    1. Pownall, Viola Mae [I0469]
      1. White, Edith D. [I1280]
      2. White, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lorine [I1281]
      3. White, Nellie Marie
        1. Bloom, Cecil Stanley [I1295]
      4. White, Freddie E. [I1283]
      5. White, Clara F. [I1284]