Morey, Sherry Ann

Birth Name Sherry Ann Morey
Gramps ID I0011
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
    Brother     Morey, unknownM [I0991]
    Sister     Morey, Beverley Jean [I0008]
         Morey, Sherry Ann [I0011]
    Sister     Morey, Avis Maurine “Rene” [I0012]
Father Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
Stepmother Muir, Mary [I1037]
Stepfather Brammer, Jacob Erwin [I0458]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
Stepfather Myers, Horace B. [I0984]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]


    Family of Gohene, John and Morey, Sherry Ann [F0391]
Unknown Partner Gohene, John [I0475]
    Family of Parrish, Donnie and Morey, Sherry Ann [F0359]
Married Husband Parrish, Donnie [I0473]
    Family of Roth, Charles J. and Morey, Sherry Ann [F0388]
Married Husband Roth, Charles J. [I0455]
  1. Roth, David Lee [I0457]
  2. Roth, Shannon [I0456]
    Family of Moyer, Joseph L. Jr. and Morey, Sherry Ann [F0467]
Married Husband Moyer, Joseph L. Jr. [I0474]


  1. Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
    1. Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
      1. Morey, Sherry Ann
        1. Parrish, Donnie [I0473]
        2. Moyer, Joseph L. Jr. [I0474]
        3. Roth, Charles J. [I0455]
          1. Roth, Shannon [I0456]
          2. Roth, David Lee [I0457]
        4. Gohene, John [I0475]
      2. Morey, Avis Maurine “Rene” [I0012]
      3. Morey, Beverley Jean [I0008]
      4. Morey, unknownM [I0991]