Morey, Avis Maurine “Rene”

Birth Name Avis Maurine “Rene” Morey
Gramps ID I0012
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
    Brother     Morey, unknownM [I0991]
    Sister     Morey, Beverley Jean [I0008]
    Sister     Morey, Sherry Ann [I0011]
         Morey, Avis Maurine “Rene” [I0012]
Father Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
Stepmother Muir, Mary [I1037]
Stepfather Brammer, Jacob Erwin [I0458]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
Stepfather Myers, Horace B. [I0984]
Mother Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]


    Family of Thrasher, Stanley T. and Morey, Avis Maurine “Rene” [F0636]
Married Husband Thrasher, Stanley T. [I0189]
  1. Thrasher, Michael M. [I0191]
  2. Thrasher, Sherry A. [I0192]
  3. Thrasher, Michelle M. [I0190]


  1. Morey, Maurice Glenn “Bob” [I0009]
    1. Langdon, Avis Louise [I0010]
      1. Morey, Sherry Ann [I0011]
      2. Morey, Avis Maurine "Rene"
        1. Thrasher, Stanley T. [I0189]
          1. Thrasher, Michelle M. [I0190]
          2. Thrasher, Michael M. [I0191]
          3. Thrasher, Sherry A. [I0192]
      3. Morey, Beverley Jean [I0008]
      4. Morey, unknownM [I0991]