Langdon, Ivar Paul

Birth Name Ivar Paul Langdon
Gramps ID I0450
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Langdon, Ivar Wayne “Bud” [I0427]
Mother Weinkauf, Barbara Alice [I0448]
    Sister     Langdon, Renee Elaine [I0449]
         Langdon, Ivar Paul [I0450]
Father Langdon, Ivar Wayne “Bud” [I0427]
Stepmother unknownS, unknownF [I0447]


    Family of Langdon, Ivar Paul and unknownS, Jeannie [F0387]
Married Wife unknownS, Jeannie [I0451]
  1. Langdon, Jeremy Paul [I0452]
    Family of Langdon, Ivar Paul and White, Christine [F0463]
Married Wife White, Christine [I0453]


  1. Langdon, Ivar Wayne “Bud” [I0427]
    1. Weinkauf, Barbara Alice [I0448]
      1. Langdon, Ivar Paul
        1. unknownS, Jeannie [I0451]
          1. Langdon, Jeremy Paul [I0452]
        2. White, Christine [I0453]
      2. Langdon, Renee Elaine [I0449]