Schmieg, Peter Clinton

Birth Name Peter Clinton Schmieg
Gramps ID I0314
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Schmieg, Clinton Jr. [I0290]
Mother Shank, Patricia Ann [I0303]
         Schmieg, Peter Clinton [I0314]
    Brother     Schmieg, Adam Wade [I0318]
Father Schmieg, Clinton Jr. [I0290]
Stepmother Sawyer, Priscilla Dorothy [I0301]
    Half-brother     Schmieg, Steven Jeffery [I0304]
    Half-brother     Schmieg, Douglas Alan [I0308]
    Half-brother     Schmieg, Christopher John [I0309]
Father Schmieg, Clinton Jr. [I0290]
Stepmother Frank, Harriet [I0302]


    Family of Schmieg, Peter Clinton and Chang, Alice Pearl [F0515]
Married Wife Chang, Alice Pearl [I0315]
  1. Schmieg, Sophia Milana [I0317]
  2. Schmieg, Kendra Madelyn [I0316]


  1. Schmieg, Clinton Jr. [I0290]
    1. Shank, Patricia Ann [I0303]
      1. Schmieg, Adam Wade [I0318]
      2. Schmieg, Peter Clinton
        1. Chang, Alice Pearl [I0315]
          1. Schmieg, Kendra Madelyn [I0316]
          2. Schmieg, Sophia Milana [I0317]