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Seabright Morris and Sword

Santa Cruz, California

Seabright Morris and Sword are pleased to be the first morris team on the World Wide Web.

Spring is coming. It's time to practice!


Steve Allen acknowledges that the info here is badly in need of updates. The responsibilities of parenting combined with the business of building astronomical instruments for Keck Observatory keep me too busy.
Our Y2K Schedule
Seabright's season of spontaneous Cotswold dance runs from May Day to Mid-Summer. Fall is demos and recruitment. Winter and early spring are practice, practice, practice. Late summer is off season. See our schedules for previous years as examples.
Our Newer WWW Site
Between the two we provide a more reliable view. Have a look with a frames-capable browser or an older browser.
The Seabright Story
History, geography, future.
What do we look like?
There are digital images from First Night 1997, First Night 1998, and First Night 1999.
Join us!
It's more fun than can be described on a WWW page.
Seabright hosted the 1997 California Ale.
The VirtuAle Home Page is still visible. We gathered almost 200 morris dancers in Santa Cruz.
Contact Information
For more information send E-mail to one of us listed in the link.
What is Morris Dancing?
The short and long story

A library of more than 140 morris tunes

Other morris information on the WWW


UCO/Lick Observatory is providing disk space only and does not endorse the existence of Seabright Morris.
Steve Allen <sla@ucolick.org>