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> Apparently during the Y2K hype I missed on one aspect of timekeeping
> that may have been a prompting factor in starting up the leap seconds
> review:
> Greenwich Electronic Time (GeT)
> The web site is supposed to be
> and they presumably also have the domain
> but these do not appear to be operational today.
> There are records of their activity at
> Several members of LEAPSECS appear to have advised them.
> There are a number of online references to this initiative, most of
> which appear to be reprints of the original press release in which
> Tony Blair and some components of her majesty's government put their
> support behind it just before the Millennium Doom opened for business.
> The best review of what it was "NTP with marketing", and it seems to
> have wanted to distribute UTC via a Java applet.
> Nonetheless, it appears to have died before the end of calendar year
> 2000. Again judging from press coverage, this was in part due to the
> fact that Internet Exploder apparently considered (and rightly so
> IMHO) that changing the system clock was outside of the Java sandbox.
> gives the best summary
I've seen of what the general feeeling about GeT was in the timing community
roughly one year into the project.

Am I correct in understanding that the GeT people actually approached Prof.
Mills for help on this project? That would be like asking the inventor of
the wheel to help them market a six-sided version :)

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