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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 00:33:01 -0700

Apparently during the Y2K hype I missed on one aspect of timekeeping
that may have been a prompting factor in starting up the leap seconds

Greenwich Electronic Time (GeT)

The web site is supposed to be
and they presumably also have the domain
but these do not appear to be operational today.

There are records of their activity at

Several members of LEAPSECS appear to have advised them.

There are a number of online references to this initiative, most of
which appear to be reprints of the original press release in which
Tony Blair and some components of her majesty's government put their
support behind it just before the Millennium Doom opened for business.
The best review of what it was "NTP with marketing", and it seems to
have wanted to distribute UTC via a Java applet.

Nonetheless, it appears to have died before the end of calendar year
2000. Again judging from press coverage, this was in part due to the
fact that Internet Exploder apparently considered (and rightly so
IMHO) that changing the system clock was outside of the Java sandbox.

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