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From: Neal McBurnett <neal_at_BCN.BOULDER.CO.US>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 11:59:26 -0600

Excellent presentation, Marcus!
Excellent argument, Ed!

I hope the folks at Torino recognize the need for a much more open
process, broader participation and further discussion, and stick to
the careful, logical, approaches that Marcus and Ed recommend.

Neal McBurnett

Marcus wrote:

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 06:00:14PM +0100, Ed Davies wrote:
> Ed Davies wrote on 2003-05-27 13:56 UTC:
> > Slightly more relevantly: I was a bit surprised that you did not
> > put more emphasis on the need to distinguish the different types
> > of time scales an application program can ask for from an operating
> > system, as your ctime library highlights.
> Markus Kuhn replied:
> > I had thought about this, but I concluded that this would be out of the
> > scope of the ITU-R, who are in the business of standardizing time signal
> > broadcasts, and not operating system APIs.
> Fair point, but if I might summarise what I think is a
> slightly generalised version of your argument:
> 1. There's no single perfect timescale for all application
> requirement combinations (keeps close to UT1, SI seconds,
> 86 400 second days, etc) - because some combinations of
> requirements are contradictory.
> 2. We need to make up timescales for specific combinations
> of requirements not catered for by existing timescales
> (e.g., UTS if you are willing to relax the SI second
> requirement but don't want to use UT1 for sensible
> reasons).
> 3. We have to live with lots of timescales - please fix the
> radio signals to make this easier.
> You cover points 2 and 3 well but I think rather assume point
> 1 which is a pity as you are in a good position to illustrate
> it. If this point was already well understood then perhaps
> there wouldn't be the same pressure to "fix" UTC in the forlorn
> hope of somehow making it perfect.
> Ed.
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