Re: [LEAPSECS] Galileo to the rescue

From: Tom Van Baak <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 07:03:29 -0700

If you change the word GNSS to GPS everything in that link is still true;
both systems provide precise time as a byproduct of their navigation role;
both GNSS and GPS allow the user segment to report time in TAI or UTC; both
are steered and synchronized to UTC; both can deliver timing for
communication to power plants and networks; both are an asset to the
scientific community, etc.


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> Today we read that the Europeans have decided to launch the Galileo
> GNSS. The system time for Galileo is already specified to be TAI, and
> it is specfied to provide guaranteed legal traceability of the UTC
> that it can provide.
> This is marvelous timing for the meeting happening this week in
> Torino. It is clear that TAI will become much more available than it
> has ever been before, and that the telecomm networks which have wanted
> an unsegmented time will be able to rely on it. This takes much wind
> out of the sails of many of the arguments for omitting leapse from UTC.
> The majority of those surveyed have said that the current form of UTC
> is not broken and should not be fixed. The 2002 revision of ITU-R
> TF.460-6 contains hints that the answer to the question before the SRG
> is to make TAI more available. The international legal issues that
> would be raised if UTC deviates from GMT appear to be formidable, as
> is the break with the precedents established by the IAU.
> We are told that there will be a consensual opinion from the SRG this
> week. If that opinion is anything other than "continue the existing
> practice of inserting leap seconds in UTC" then I can only point out
> that "consensual" is the key to the defense strategy of the accused
> rapist when at trial.
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