FW: Colloquium on the UTC Timescale, 28-29 May 2003, Turin

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Subject: Colloquium on the UTC Timescale, 28-29 May 2003, Turin

International Telecommunication Union - Special Rapporteur Group 7A
is pleased to organize, in co-operation with Istituto Elettrotecnico
Nazionale Galileo Ferraris,
the Colloquium on the UTC Timescale, which will be held in Turin (Italy) on
28-29 May 2003.

For information about the Meeting, please explore the web site, which will
be regularly updated:
open http://www.ien.it/events/index_i.shtml, then click on
International Telecommunication Union "Colloquium on UTC Timescale",
28-29 maggio 2003, Torino (Italy)

or contact

Dr. William Klepczynski
for additional and technical information,
E-mail: wklepczy_at_comcast.net
Phone: +1-410-798-8457
Fax: +1-410-798-8567

Elisabetta Melli, IEN Galileo Ferraris
as Local Organizing Contact (LOC):
E-mail: melli_at_ien.it
Phone +39-011-3919 524
Fax +39-011-34 63 84

Looking forward to meet you in Turin.

Elisabetta Melli
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