Urgent Problems

Problems which prevent or serioiusly hinder your observations call a telescope technicion or support astronomer for immediate action. Whether they stem from an electronic or mechanical cause or are simply something you don't understand, you should contact a support astronomer or the 3-meter telescope operator right away. Please do not hesitate to do so.

It is our job to help make your run as productive and trouble-free as possible. Someone is on call: see the Support Astronomers' On-Call Schedule, or call the 3-meter at 8-0652 (or 408-238-0652 if not on Mt. Hamilton).

Non-Urgent Problems

Problems which do not require immediate attention should still be reported. You may fill out an on-line trouble report from the "user" account on most mountain machines either by selecting "Trouble" from the pulldown menu or typing "report" in an xterm. However, whether or not you choose to fill out a trouble report, you should still report the problem directly to a support astronomer or to the 3-meter telescope operator to insure that it receives timely attention.


If you have suggestions, complaints, ideas for improvements, and so forth, use the On-Line Post-Observing Form.