Family of Allen, James Tadlock and Goen, Mary Ann "Polly"


Married Husband Allen, James Tadlock [I0087]
Married Wife Goen, Mary Ann “Polly” [I0197]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E1171] 1832-12-20 Jackson Co, Indiana  
  1. Allen, Leonard D. [I0198]
  2. Allen, Sarah J. [I0199]
  3. Allen, Charity [I0200]
  4. Allen, William [I0201]
  5. Allen, William Jackson [I0202]
  6. Allen, Arena K. [I0203]
  7. Allen, Steven P. [I0204]
  8. Allen, Rhoda Ann [I0205]
  9. Allen, George W. [I0206]
  10. Allen, Cornelius [I0207]

Source References

  1. William J. Allen: William J. Allen Bible Family Record Pages [S0044]