Allen, Richard Marlow

Birth Name Richard Marlow Allen
Gramps ID I0005
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Allen, Vern Siner [I0001]
Mother Christen, Naomi Ruth [I0000]
    Brother     Allen, John Robert [I0002]
    Brother     Allen, Ferd Ellis [I0003]
    Brother     Allen, George Arthur [I0004]
         Allen, Richard Marlow [I0005]


    Family of Allen, Richard Marlow and Dobbs, Diane Elizabeth [F0422]
Married Wife Dobbs, Diane Elizabeth [I0024]
  1. Allen, Brian Edward [I0026]
  2. Allen, Amanda Elizabeth [I0025]
    Family of Allen, Richard Marlow and Connolly, Laura [F0613]
Married Wife Connolly, Laura [I0105]


  1. Allen, Vern Siner [I0001]
    1. Christen, Naomi Ruth [I0000]
      1. Allen, Richard Marlow
        1. Dobbs, Diane Elizabeth [I0024]
          1. Allen, Amanda Elizabeth [I0025]
          2. Allen, Brian Edward [I0026]
        2. Connolly, Laura [I0105]
      2. Allen, John Robert [I0002]
      3. Allen, Ferd Ellis [I0003]
      4. Allen, George Arthur [I0004]