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Our education and public outreach (EPO) mission is to inspire deep connections with the universe.

We strive to engage our local communities in learning about scientific practices, astronomical discoveries, and enabling technologies.

We empower our community members to be scientifically literate, to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and to understand science as a human endeavor. Ultimately, we aim to improve the scientific advancement of students at all levels, of educators, and of the general public in our communities.

UCO is committed to improving science education and science literacy in the United States, especially in California. To achieve this mission, Lick Observatory offers EPO initiatives for a variety of audiences with important partners throughout California, Hawaii, and beyond. Our programs are uniquely enriched by Lick Observatory's cutting-edge scientific research, instruments, and astronomers.

Whether you are a teacher or other science educator looking to improve your practice, or a UC researcher or student looking for EPO opportunities, we hope to connect with you through our many programs and outreach efforts.